mini race challenge

A Smart Lap Timing System

The Mini Race Challenge is the first timing system specifically designed for extremely small sized RC cars, from 1:76 (Turbo Racing) to 1:57 (coke can car) and more.

SMART transponder

The transponder is a tiny, unobtrusive NFC label. No need for battery and cars modification.

smart app

A modern app accessible via mobile or pc with data sync and many amazing features.

smart Connection

The Bluetooth connection allows the device to work totally wireless with the supply of a power bank (not included). USB connection with a PC is also supported.

smart updates

The Lap Counter firmware can be easily updated to support new features from the app.

A complete set of products


The Mini Race Challenge companion app is available for free on mobile and PC directly in the browser. It’s available ...

Lap Counter

The Mini Race Challenge Lap Timing System is meticulously designed and optimized for ultra-small-sized cars, making it the perfect match ...

Start Lights

Connected to the Mini Race Challenge Lap Counter, the 5x2 red led module mimics the F1 start lights behaviour. The ...


The Start Gantry is a highly detailed 3d printed model which is designed to be placed across the track at ...

Transponder Label

NFC tag (Transponder) - it's an high technology sticker tag that allows each car to be identified by the lap ...

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