No Longer in Production

The Mini Race Challenge Lap Counter is designed and optimized for ultra small sized cars (best for Turbo Racing 1/76).
It uses Near Field Communication technology and the cars are tagged with a small passive sticker applied in the front-bottom part of the chassis (a transponder with no battery). It’s very reliable, precise (~0.4ms error) and multiple cars can be detected at the same time.
The receiver box reads the cars codes with an ultra flat cable (~0.1mm) that can be easily placed directly on the track. If placed under the track, the maximum recommended thickness for the track is 6mm.

The system sends the data to the “Mini Race Challenge” app compatible with mobile devices (Android and IOS) and PC, the connection is done via Bluetooth or via micro USB cable (pc only).
Alternatively it can be used with zRound (pc only via USB cable).
It’s powered with the usb cable by the PC, a common mobile charger or a power bank.

The reading cable is 290mm long and it can be shrunk down to 180mm.
10 transponders are included.


  • Receiver with 3D printed box: (53x98x10 mm)
  • Reading Cable (290×31 mm)
  • 10 transponder tags (12×18 mm)
  • USB Cable (1 mt)

The STL models are also available for 3d printing here: