The Mini Race Challenge Lap Timing System is meticulously designed and optimized for ultra-small-sized cars, making it the perfect match for Turbo Racing 1/76 scale models.

Each car is equipped with a small, passive sticker (no batteries required). These stickers are strategically placed under the chassis or inside the body, depending on the car size and track thickness. This advanced system guarantees reliability, precision, and the capability to detect multiple cars simultaneously.

The receiver box effortlessly reads the transponders using an ultra-flat cable (~0.1mm), allowing for convenient placement directly on or under the track. Data transmission is achieved through the dedicated “Mini Race Challenge” app, compatible with both Android and IOS mobile devices, as well as PCs. Connectivity options include Bluetooth or a USB-C cable (for PC use only).
Additionally, the system integrates smoothly with zRound, exclusively through a USB cable on a Windows PC.

Powered by the USB-C cable connected to a PC, a standard mobile charger, or a power bank, the Mini Race Challenge Tracking System offers versatility and convenience.

The package includes a 300mm long reading cable and comes complete with 8 transponders, ensuring you have everything you need to enhance your miniature racing experience.

Upgrade your races with the precision and efficiency of the Mini Race Challenge Tracking System!


  • Receiver box (50x80x26 mm)
  • Reading Cable (300×31 mm + 10cm for connection cable)
  • 10 Transponder Tags (12×18 mm)
  • USB-C Cable (2 m)