Welcome to the FAQ section. Here, you’ll find detailed information and instructions for two devices: the current version, commonly known as V2, and the legacy version. While the two versions are very similar in usage, all content is updated for the V2 model. Any references exclusively for the V1 model will be explicitly mentioned.

The Lap Counter’s blue light blinks every 2 seconds, and it doesn’t work.

This issue may occur if the Lap Counter is restarting due to insufficient current from the power source. Try using a different USB charger, a different USB port (if connected to a PC), or a different USB cable.

Once connected the Lap Counter disconnects and resets.

Also, this issue may be due to insufficient current from the power source. Please refer to the previous answer for solutions.

Can the antenna be placed under the track? What’s the maximum track thickness and supported materials?

Yes, the antenna can be placed under the track. Common materials like EVA, PVC, and plywood do not affect reading quality. However, metal can interfere with readings.

The lap counter operates effectively with track thicknesses up to 10mm. For thinner tracks, the tag can be placed inside the body, as the antenna can read up to 22mm (12mm for V1). Generally, the closer the tag is to the antenna, the better the reading quality.

If the track thickness exceeds 10mm, creating a groove for the antenna to bring it closer to the surface is recommended. Another option is to place the antenna directly on the track using paper tape, as it is thin like a sheet of paper.

How long is the antenna cable and the reading line?

The sensible reading area depends on the flat cable length, with the default being 30cm. Various options are available for different lengths. Additionally, the reading line is connected to the lap counter unit with a cable, typically 10/15 cm in length. (For V1, the antenna length is fixed at 29 centimeters and is attached directly to the unit.)

Can I have a longer antenna?

Yes, the sensible area is available in different sizes: 30/40/60/100 cm. (For V1, the length of the antenna is fixed, and the only available length is 29 cm long).

What is the precision of the reading?

In normal conditions, the precision is 0.4 milliseconds. When more than one car is on the antenna simultaneously, the precision may be slightly affected due to the conflict resolution algorithm. However, we are currently developing a new feature called Turbo mode, which doubles the reading speed by bypassing conflict resolution.

What is the maximum speed of the cars allowed?

The maximum speed of the cars allowed depends on several factors. Firstly, it depends on the distance of the cars from the antenna, which is influenced by the thickness of the track. The reading area shrinks with distance from the tag, affecting the maximum speed allowed.

With a 5mm thick track, the maximum speed allowed is about 3.1 m/s. However, if the antenna is placed directly on the track, it can reach speeds of up to 7.4 m/s.

Does it only count the laps or does it also keep the times? With which app can I use it?

Mini Race Challenge is a time tracking system, so in can track the times of as much car as you need. You can use companion app available here: https://miniracechallenge.com/app

Please note that the companion app is continuously evolving, and new features are regularly added.

In case you need more advanced features the lap counter is also compatible with the  ZRound Suite. You can find a setup tutorial here,

How do I apply the transponder / tag to the car?

The optimal placement for the tag is under the car, preferably in the front for Turbo Racing. However, if space is limited in the front, the tag can be placed at another point on the chassis. It is important to note that the tag should be positioned away from the motors as much as possible, as they contain magnets that may negatively interfere with tag reading.

Turbo Racing Mini
Turbo Racing C71

If the track is thin enough, the tag can be placed inside the body. Further pictures will be published soon. (Note: This method has not been tested for V1.)

Is the start lights module mandatory?

The Start Light Module is an optional add-on. Its main purpose is to add a realistic visual element to your track. However, the countdown feature is also available in the app.

Can I install the app on my PC so I can use it without internet?

Yes, once you navigate to the app at https://app.miniracechallenge.com/ it downloads entirely and will be available offline. To ensure this, you can install it from the browser.

In Chrome, click the following icon in the top bar.

The announcer’s voice is not in my language

You can change the voice in “Settings”. If your language is not available on your system/device, it may need to be installed or enabled.

Here are guides for various systems:

Do you have any questions or concerns that were not addressed here? Please feel free to reach out to us at support@miniracechallenge.com