The Mini Race Challenge Lap Counter comes with a free companion app available on pc (from the browser) and mobile device (Android and IOS).
It’s designed for casual racing with mini sized RC cars and has many features for personal use.

You can find the links to the app here

If you need to organize large events or you need more features, the ZRound Suite may be a great alternative.

Detect COM port number

The Mini Race Challenge Lap Counter can connect to ZRound using the USB cable. To do so, you need to determine first the COM port number in use.

You can find it in the Device Manager window under Ports (COM & LPT). In my case, it is COM10.

You can also find the COM port thought the Mini Race Challenge app:

  • Navigate
  • Connect your device
  • Click devices from the left menu
  • Click the button in the bottom right of the screen then the usb icon
  • A dialog will open showing the usb COM port use.

ZRound settings

  • Open the settings panel in ZRound and navigate to Lapcounters → Mini Race Challenge.
  • Insert the serial port in use.
  • Select the ‘Activate Mini Race Challenge System’ checkbox.
  • Click ‘Connect.’

Once connected, the red dot next to the ‘Connect’ button will turn green, and the System Information will be populated.

Now, the cars’ detection data is sent to ZRound.

Please read the ZRound documentation for more information: