If your Mini Race Challenge device is not functioning properly or if there is an issue with the firmware version, you can perform a settings reset or a factory reset to resolve the problem. The procedure is straightforward and easy to follow.

Your device features a small hole next to the USB connector, serving multiple reset functions. It allows you to restart the device, perform a clean-up reset, and reset the settings and firmware to factory defaults. To activate it, you will need a needle to press the button inside.


Press it quickly, and the device will restart. Alternatively, you can easily disconnect and then reconnect the cable to achieve the same result.

Settings reset

Press and hold it for 1 second, then release it when the blue light starts blinking. The device will restart with the settings reset.

Factory reset

Press and hold it for at least 5 seconds, until the blue light stops blinking and turns off. The device will then restart to the factory firmware.